Manchester In The Area


From the Makers of 'The Madchester Experience' we bring you 'Manchester In The Area' presented by 'The Absolute Stone Roses' & 'Near Liam Gallagher'!

Legendary tunes from Stone Roses and Liam Gallagher are played out by two leading UK tribute bands for a celebration of these two Mancunian cult sounds.

Join a sea of Mancunian joy and reverence, with the enthusiasm and passion of fellow fans. Manchester in the Area presents two premier tribute acts of Liam Gallagher and The Stone Roses.

The Absolute Stone Roses

The Absolute Stone Roses recreate that iconic sound and vibe that you get at a Stone Roses concert and bring it to live audiences all over the UK and Europe. The Absolute Stone Roses play an awesome set of all the best Roses material. Expect to hear all the classics: Waterfall, Made of Stone, Resurrection, I Wanna Be Adored, Fools Gold, Love Spreads and many more. If you've never seen the real deal or want to re-live your youth, then The Absolute Stone Roses will take you on a trip with the attitude and baggy fashion.

Near Liam Gallagher

Near Liam Gallagher are THE top Liam Gallagher tribute in the UK. They have perfected the sound and energy of the original band with Liam's solo albums and all the Oasis classics fans love to hear.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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08/06 2024 6:00pm
Kanteena Brewery Lane LANCASTER
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