Mali Morris: Returning


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly


Mali Morris: Returning is the largest exhibition to date by this renowned British abstract painter, who studied at the Department of Fine Art, University of Newcastle, from 1963 -1968.

She is best known for her use of fresh, vibrant colour, her paintings noted for their luminosity and translucence, characterised by a lightness of touch. The show features around 50 key works spanning 45 years, tracing the development of her painting from the early gestural and stained pieces to the more recent geometric layering.

Morris’s work is held in numerous public collections, from the Arts Council Collection and Fitzwilliam Cambridge to the Museum of Wales, Cardiff. She was elected to the Royal Academy in 2010, and in 2022 was commissioned to design 33 banners to hang above Bond Street during the summer of that year.

She is delighted to return to the Hatton Gallery after all the years, where, as she says, 'it all began'.

The show is co-curated Sam Cornish, author of Mali Morris: Painting, published by RA in 2019 and Zoe Allen of Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle.