Maggie – Yer Ma!

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Life doesn’t stop when you drop a sprog, whaaa? Loveable rogue Maggie Muff is BACK with a bang in this highly anticipated sequel to Leesa Harker’s smash hit trilogy! With Billy in jail for the biggest feg run heist in history and Maggie’s ma dropping a bombshell that will curl your toes, Maggie finds herself a single Ma. Big Sally-Ann is no help sure she’s become a Buddhist and is ringing bells and chanting all over the show! Life sure has changed for Maggie, but can she get back til herself? Til the way she was? Come see Maggie Muff in her last ever outing in a theatre show! From best-selling author and playwright Leesa Harker, directed by Andrea Montgomery, starring critically acclaimed Caroline Curran. (In other words, you’re guaranteed a geg!)


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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