Maddie Morris is an artist who strives to make a difference in the world. Bold, insightful and refreshingly unique, they take traditional songs in new directions to shine a light on contemporary issues, offering new perspectives about the world we live in today. Folk songs have always told stories, but how Morris makes their mark is by turning storytelling into action. Described by Jim Moray as ‘leading the next generation of socially conscious songwriters’, Morris uses their work to highlight inequality, challenge viewpoints and provide an inclusive space for shared experiences. Morris was recently commissioned by Unlimited to explore LGBTQIA+ experiences of disability through traditional music, and has also been proud to collaborate with organisations such as Queer Folk, The Bit Collective and Trans Pride Brighton. Whether they’re a turning centuries-old ballad on its head or writing something completely new, Morris places their focus on drawing out true meaning rather than being true to tradition. Morris released their first studio EP Upstream in 2022 to huge critical acclaim. Two years on, they’ve followed this up with their debut studio album, Skin, a beautifully crafted collection of songs which amplifies the stories of those often marginalised by society.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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07/09 2024 2:15pm
Royal Festival Hall Belvedere Road LONDON
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