Mad Ferret Hogmanay Hoolie


The Mad Ferret Band are known on the Scottish music scene for their hard hitting blend of traditional and contemporary folk music. Their lively, energetic performances are packed with “blisteringly fast mandolin solos”, tight vocal harmonies, driving Cajon beats and earth-moving guitar sounds.

The Mad Ferret Band supercharge influences from classic folk acts such as The Corries & The Dubliners, as well as modern tunes from composers like Gordon Duncan & Ross Ainsley. Therefore these influences plus the constant onslaught of touring, provides the inspiration for their original tunes & songs. Yes, and many of their songs are about grog, so if you don’t like a tipple you’d better like dancing!


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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31/12 2022 11:00pm
Stramash 207 Cowgate EDINBURGH
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