Lussy feat. Ofir and the Shoemakers, Blanca De Arteaga & Mariam Picho

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Lussy, 21 year old artist with multiple talents encompassing singing, songwriting, and producing, draws profound inspiration from the vibes of Raye, Daft Punk, The Big Push, and others. Currently in her second year at LIPA University in Liverpool, she delves into the expansive realms of techno, pop, soul, and alternative indie. Her musical background is rich with a diverse range of influences that shape her distinctive sonic journey. On the other hand, her music resonates with a generation in search of authenticity, offering a unique blend of introspective poetry and captivating beats. Fueled by her continual self-reflection and exploration of femininity and self-expression, Lussy's compositions exude sincerity and abundant creativity

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Ofir and the Shoemakers andthe shoemakers/

Blanca De Arteaga blancheee /

Mariam Picho


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