Lucia Domenici: You, Me and Beyond photography exhibition


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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09/10 2024 10:00am
Coningsby Gallery 30 Tottenham Street LONDON
Provided by The List


Street photographer Lucia Domenici’s photography exhibition ‘You, Me and Beyond’ looks at the fleeting and powerful connection between the subject, photographer and the camera. Stories from the streets never told or shared, only captured and imagined.

Lucia Domenici’s new exhibition documents the rarely told and intimate moments shared with strangers - neither aware of what the other is thinking, some posed and smiling subjects, others transient moments of bustling life, never to be discussed further until hung on the gallery walls for debate.

Researchers found that we have over 6,000 individual thoughts in a day, many fleeting, some obsessive, but all passing. Lucia reads between the lines, immortalising just one of those 6000 moments in a way that gives what others could perceive as a mundane instant, an exciting and prominent presence.

Artist, Lucia Domenici, said: “You never know what someone is thinking, body language is a powerful reflection, but you are always reading between the lines, guessing what is actually on people’s minds in a rapidly changing world. We have leapt from crisis to crisis this year, yet there is an air of proud resilience and calmness on the streets.”

“All the time, everywhere, people are making connections; sharing moments. I love capturing unstaged shots that are open to interpretation - this is what I find exciting, it’s a real authentic slice of life.”