Los Fastidios! Born In Verona In Late 1991 And Led By Enrico (Well-Known Figure Of The Punk Rock/ska Scene And Founder Of The Independent Label Kob Records). The Los Fastidios Sound Is A Powerful Melodic Streetska & Punk Which Mixes Classical 80’S British Punk-Oi! Sounds With A Lot Of Skanking, And Some Reggae, Rock 'n' Roll, Hardcore Rhythms With A Touch Of Pop, Sung In Italian With Some Touches Of English, French, Spanish And German Languages. The Lyrics Come From The Most Cheerful Street Situations To More Serious And Involved Matters Which Deal With Social Problems, Such As Battles Against Racism-Fascism And Any Form Of Discrimination, For The Animal Rights, For Freedom And Against The Capitalistic System... These Last Years, Los Fastidios Have Achieved Great Number Of Anti-Racist Initiatives And Social Causes, By Taking Part In Various Support Gigs With Collections In Favour Of Chiapas, Mapuche, For The Workers, Against Racism, For The Animal Rights, Against War, Against Capitalism And Neoliberism, Etc... Since The Beginning Of 2019 Elisa Dixan (Tour Manager Of The Band Since 2012) Is Also Regular Guest On Stage. Elisa Dixan Released Two 7' Ep In 2018 And 2019 Titled 'elisa Dixan Sings Los Fastidios' Vol. 1 And Vol. 2, Including Some Old Los Fastidios Songs Sung By Her. Since 2019 He Has Participated In All The Subsequent Record Productions Of The Band. In March 2020 The Band Was Forced To Stop The Tour Because Of Covid19, But Still Managed During The Lockdown To Record 12 Acoustic Songs For As Many Videos Shared During The Quarantine, Which Will Be Collected, At The Great Request Of The Loyal Audience, In The Album 'from Lockdown To The World' Released In August 2020 And Produced By Kob Records In Collaboration With Potential Hardcore (E) And Supported By Fire And Flames (D), Lonsdale (D), Relco London (Uk), True Rebel Store (D), Larsen Productions (F) And Prof Sny Vinyl (Cz). Los Fastidios Are: Enrico - Vocals Filippo 'bibol' - Guitar / Backing Vocals Ciacio - Bass / Backing Vocals Nicolo' 'bacchetta'- Drums Elisa Dixan - (Special And Regular Guest In Every Concert, She Sings Few Songs) - Vocals Plus Support Tbc!


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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16/11 2022 8:00pm
The Continental South Meadow Lane PRESTON
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