Limpe Fuchs // Adam Bushell & Paul Khimasia Morgan


A very special Sunday afternoon matinee show!

Limpe Fuchs Octogenarion composer, percussionist and instrument builder Limpe Fuchs has spent a lifetime dedicated to DIY sound-making. She is part of a generation of German artists who sought radical new approaches to art, music and social organisation in the period following the Second World War.

She formed the group Anima-Sound with sculptor Paul Fuchs in the late 1960s and the duo’s improvised performances featured self-made instruments, including a ‘pendulum string’ based on a Pythagorean monochord and versions of traditional instruments such as zithers. They toured extensively with this set up, criss-crossing Europe in a live-in van to bring their sounds to open ears.

After Anima-Sound disbanded in the 1980s, Fuchs continued exploring sonic materials, designing large-scale instruments from stone and metal. Her solo albums often feature vocals, violin, viola, piano, field recordings and electronics, and for this show at the Rose Hill she will be exploring the interactions between piano and recordings of rainfall.

Adam Bushell & Paul Khimasia Morgan Explorartions in vibraphone and acoustic guitar body


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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14/07 2024 2:30pm
The Rose Hill 70 Rose Hill Terrace BRIGHTON
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