Lets Go Back to the 80's


With 70's over the young 80's club kids switched to different beat. The new sound of 80's Clubbing was a pulsating electronic beat. ❤ Artists like Madonna, Sylvester and Prince were redefining the dance floor in the 80’s. The sound of Disco, Hi Energy & New Romantic ruled the charts and the dance-floors. What made the sound so different was the drum machines and synths, the heavy bass sound worked on the dance floor. Clubs like The Paradise Garage in New York & The Warehouse in Chicago championed the new sound of Disco. We will be recreating the look and sound of 1980’s clubbing to give a immersive experience at Hogmanay in a stunning venue . This is a standing event VISUAL STAGE SHOW NITROS DANCERS STATE OF THE ART LIGHT SHOW


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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26/11 2022 7:30pm
Argyle St Arches 253 Argyle Street GLASGOW
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