Lauren South + Gemma Khawaja - Live In Cambridge


Gemma Khawaja is a singer/guitarist from the Midlands (now based in Norfolk) performing traditional songs of the British Isles & creating songs inspired by folkloric customs, folk poesy & poetry. She enjoys the stories & themes found in traditional songs & ballads. and the richness & beauty of the melodies and the journey each song takes you on.

Residing in Warwickshire, Lauren South is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist renowned for her original compositions and traditional melodies. With the accompaniment of tenor guitar, fiddle, and shruti box, her songs exude heartfelt emotion and vivid imagery, drawing inspiration from her passion for the nocturnal heavens, the natural world, and her journey through motherhood.

Two ticket prices - We're committed to bringing high quality roots music to Cambridge at affordable prices and as a result our standard ticket price is £10. However, if you'd like to see the artist take home a little more (over 90% of our ticket profit goes to artists), then there is now an option to pay slightly more (£12) if you are able to.

If tickets remain then they will be sold on-the-door, but at a higher price.


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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02/06 2024 7:15pm
NCI Club Holland Street CAMBRIDGE
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