Laura Aldridge: LAWNMOWER


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Adult, Elderly, Youth
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22/05 2024 10:00am
Jupiter Artland Bonnington House Steadings WILKIESTON
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Coming to Jupiter Artland from 11 May 2024 will be Laura Aldridge’s extraordinary installation LAWNMOWER that creates a space “Where materiality might absorb or encourage certain feelings.”

Aldridge measures the emotive and sensory understandings with equal weight to that of any conceptual readings. The work combines luscious colour and sensual texture with handmade and collaged qualities. Richly glazed ceramics, elements sculpted in modroc and fishing floats are illuminated among soft folds of fabric. Aldridge creates a “Push and pull between dualities, such as synthetic versus natural and object versus subject, whereby the tension lies in the viewer’s very own experience.”

Working across textile, ceramic, glass and found objects, Aldridge does not spoon feed, she has a clarity about how much should be laid bare and visitors should be prepared to embark on a journey through their own experiences and senses.

LAWNMOWER will also premiere a series of new video works that Aldridge has made in collaboration with artists and musicians from her creative community.