Land of the Giants in Exeter


Get ready for a night of high-energy music as Land of the Giants takes the stage in Exeter. Known for their infectious blend of ska, reggae, and rock, this dynamic band has been captivating audiences with their lively performances and catchy tunes. With tracks like "The Drop" and "Make a Move," Land of the Giants showcases their ability to create upbeat, danceable music that's sure to get the crowd moving.

Land of the Giants' live shows are renowned for their vibrant atmosphere and engaging stage presence. Their concerts are a celebration of music and unity, with the band's passion and enthusiasm shining through in every performance. Fans can expect a setlist filled with fan favorites and new material, all delivered with the energy and charisma that have made Land of the Giants a must-see act in the live music scene.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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14/06 2024 8:00pm
Exeter Bierkeller 4 The Quay EXETER
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