Ladyboys of Bangkok: 25th Anniversary Theatre Tour

The Lady Boys of Bangkok Uncork the champagne! Dress to kill! Party like there's no tomorrow! Celebrating 20 diamante-decorated years, The Lady Boys of Bangkok Wonder Women Tour will take the...


This big anniversary show boasts a glamorous cast of 16 in a fun-filled outrageous new production with more glitz and star-spangled sassiness than you can squeeze into any of your biggest party nights out!

This fast-moving and incredibly polished large-scale theatrical production features the biggest floor filling musical hits, performed by the biggest showbiz divas and singing superstars in the world dressed in over 400 incredible costumes.

The Lady Boys of Bangkok is where London’s West End meet Hollywood and Broadway every night of the year - truly the greatest and most fabulous evening of entertainment in town. Now officially the largest and longest continuous touring cabaret show in the UK!

Celebrating 25 years touring in the UK after first appearing as a small show at the Edinburgh Festival in 1989, The Lady Boys of Bangkok has now seen by over 5 million people and tours in the UK alone for 7-8 months each year.

Funnier, Cheekier and as Glamorous as ever, this show is one to be missed and The Lady Boys of Bangkok look forward to seeing you all on their all-new 25th Anniversary theatre tour production.

Never rude or crude!

It’s cheekier and funnier than ever!


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10/09 2024 7:30pm
Middleton Arena Lance Corporal Joel Halliwell VC Way MIDDLETON
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