Lady Maisery

Downlander Events Limited present Lady Maisery in concert. Lady Maisery are an outstanding folk trio whose work over the past decade has won them legions of fans across the United Kingdom and...


Award-winning vocal trio Lady Maisery are long celebrated for their innovation at the forefront of the English folk scene.

All composers and multi-instrumentalists in their own right, Hazel Askew, Hannah James and Rowan Rheingans weave together a rich palate of sounds with their unique approach to harmony singing, intelligent and thoughtful arrangements of both traditional repertoire and original compositions.

Whether unearthing a feminist twist hidden in a traditional tale, delivering a poignant anti-war ballad, or showcasing their immense multi-instrumental talents in original compositions that draw on a myriad of musical influences, Lady Maisery are skilful explorers of the power, beauty and vitality of song.

Perhaps the most striking part of their performances is the magic that happens between them, a chemistry that can only grow from years of creating music together - when they begin to sing one unanimous voice emerges, carrying stories of sisterhood, human suffering and the joy of living and singing in harmony.

Over the last twelve years, the trio have released five albums and toured widely, performing sell-out shows across the UK and Europe.

Their next album - due for release in November 2022 - is eagerly awaited by their listeners.


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12/10 2024 7:30pm
The CatStrand High Street New Galloway CASTLE DOUGLAS
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