Lady Macbeth Uncut


Lady Macbeth has had a bad rap down through the years- known as the 'fiend-like queen' and a byword for evil manipulation. Inspired by the real Lady Macbeth (Gruoch), Lady Macbeth Uncut seeks to redress this, telling the story from Lady Macbeth's point of view. The play sheds new light on her motivation to seize the throne and builds empathy for a powerful woman striving for control over her life. The 'Witches' get a complete reboot as well, and together they challenge the structures and prejudices that seek to hold them back.

Join us as we reclaim Lady Macbeth and celebrate women who don't conform to society's expectations and the power of female networks! Alongside the production, there will be a panel discussion, networking events for women and workshops on building a sisterhood.


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16/10 2024 kl 19:30
The Drayton Arms Theatre 153 Old Brompton Road LONDON
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