"Today I killed a man." These first words plunge us into a narrative that hovers ambiguously between murder and vivid fantasy as it depicts a woman on the edge, desperate to break free of the entanglements of a love affair that's turned toxic. Has she actually killed her lover? Is this a violent reaction to coercive control? We can't be sure. The original Portuguese version by Moncho Rodriguez (Labirinto de Amor e Morte) was toured in Brazil and Portugal by actress Marta Carvalho. This new English version, by writer Mark C. Hewitt, captures the obsessive visceral nature of the Portuguese original and adds, perhaps, a subtle layer of dark humour.

"Labyrinth is full-on physical theatre in which Carvalho takes us on a woman’s rollercoaster journey through a myriad of emotions... It resonates on many levels, bringing to mind elements of domestic abuse such as control, coercion, and physical violence..." (Hastings Independent Press) “Immersive, bold, challenging...” (audience feedback)


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27/05 2022 2:30pm
The Lantern Theatre 77 St James's Street BRIGHTON
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