La Villa Strangiato

Tribute to the Canadian progressive and hard rock band Rush.


La Villa Strangiato is an italian project, started in 2010 by Gabriele Ferrari and Carlo Fattorini, two roman musicians who had already worked together in the project " Yessongs Italy", with which they gained international praise. The purpose of La Villa Strangiato is to revive Rush's production of the '70s and first '80s, the period of their maximum popularity.

The band formed in 2010 and, thanks to the contribution of several friends and musicians, finally presented their first show (entirely dedicated to the album " Exit Stage Left") in Rome in March 2011.

From then on, they started playing in several clubs across Europe with good results; but it's with the contribution of musician Claudio Sinisi (guitar) that they finally achieved the perfect combination of sound and technique.

With this line-up, La Villa Strangiato will perform, during the following years, in some of the best clubs in Europe, like the Spirit Of '66 in Belgium and the Boerderij in Netherlands; in 2014 they will perform in the UK for the first time, in venues such as the Robin 2 in Bilston and after this shows the band is selected to perform in 2014 in England to "Rush Eucon" which is the official European convention devoted to Rush fan.

Gabriele "Bibbi" Ferrari : Vocal , Bass, Synthetizer and Pedal Bass Claudio Sinisi : A/E Guitars, Pedal Bass Carlo Fattorini : Drum and Percussion


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Youth, Adult, Elderly
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26/05 2024 9:30pm
Bogans Bar 24-26 Market Street OMAGH
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