Kuan-Wen: Ilha Formosa (Work In Progress)

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"Taiwanese force of nature" as per Chortle review, Kuan-wen was seen and heard on BBC Three, BBC Radio 4 and Comedy Central. He embarked on his comedy journey by accident, made possible by a plan devised and executed more than a decade ago - he must flee his beloved island Taiwan to escape his tiger mum. While it sounds like a cliched script for a B-list Hollywood movie, it just so happens to be true.

Kuan-wen is passionate about his home country but sometimes wonders whether the version of Taiwan he remembers still exists. Maybe in the eyes of his compatriots, he is the equivalent of a Brit that moved to live in Benidorm and voted for Brexit?

Kuan-wen is a UK chartered accountant and a chartered tax advisor. He decided the best way to honour his professional qualifications is to tell jokes about VAT at comedy clubs.


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