Dancehall DJ and producer known for the worldwide hits 'We Can', 'Nobody has to Know' and 'Can't Believe'.
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New York based 24-year-old dancehall star Kranium, originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica has in a very short time established himself as one of the hottest international dancehall artists with hits like “Nobody Has to Know,” “Lifestyle,” and “History.” Everything started for Kranium in the house parties and nightclubs around his area in Jamaica, Queens and the overall NY dancehall culture. He started to record in New York around 2008, earning the name Kranium for his ability to record songs “straight off the head” with no pen or paper. “I knew every single DJ that was playing out every night, and I would never stop giving them new songs,” Kranium says. “Every summer in Queens I had a hot song.”


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