Kodian Trio + Simian Carbuncle


KODIAN TRIO are Colin Webster - Saxophones, Dirk Serries - Electric Guitar and Andrew Lisle - Drums. This is free music that actually lives up to its ambitions and frequently uses its maximum potential for individual and collective freedom... It requires an effort, but the rewards are an insight into a unique musical language.

These musicians are far too talented to simply go hell for leather or indulge in macho noise grandstanding. Instead, their noise-making has an intricacy and control while still sounding spontaneous and raw. Webster tends to avoid the obvious low end raunch of the baritone, using its sheer physicality to lend force to high register squalls and breath effects. His introduction of the alto sax halfway through the third side is an unexpected delight, as he embarks on a bright, Eastern European tinged solo over some of Lisles's most energetic and inventive drumming. The long drones and deconstructed funk of the final side bring further evidence of this trio's resourcefulness and imagination. The Quietus UK

Simian Carbuncle is a new prepared guitar duo of Matt Clark and Ade Southby.

Plus The WildCard Quartet


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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16/03 2023 8:00pm
The Rose Hill 70 Rose Hill Terrace BRIGHTON
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