The much-loved Scratch Built X Proteus Summer Show returns with Knight Time! We bring you another year of travelling to faraway lands, enchantment and friendship. Be part of the narrative and help create the magic of an interactive theatre show. Follow the tale around the Creation Space where every room is a new place and part of the story.

Following on from the success of Extend 2023 we invite audiences to enjoy a stay and play in our 'Knight's of the Realm room' after the show. Here, children can design and make their own coat of arms to be displayed in a gallery and take part in other fun 'Knight Trial' and medieval-style games.

Join Jack as he finds out the hard way in this magical show. Cheer Jack on as he competes in “The Knight Trials” and follow him on his adventures with his loyal horse Raspberry. There’s enough adventure for everyone and you might even see a dragon or two!


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03/08 2024 kl 10:00
Proteus Creation Space Council Road BASINGSTOKE
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