Kitchen Underwear written by Maria Goikhberg & Kate Stamoulis directed by Becca Donley

How far can you push a sex metaphor, a romantic friendship, and questionable interior décor choices?

When Ash and Zee move into their tiny Edinburgh apartment, they begin to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of their early twenties. What they don’t expect is confronting the age-old question of, "do I want to date you or do I just want to be you?"

Told through diary entries of two (endearingly strange?) flatmates, Kitchen Underwear follows their search for what queer love means and how to show it.

Cast & Creatives

Ash: Kate Stamoulis

Zee: Maria Goikhberg


“Writers and performers Maria Goikhberg and Kate Stamoulis delivered a refreshingly light and simple story, which captured the little, everyday experiences of queer lovers."- Playbill

“All in all this play was great, cute queerness wrapped up in even cuter poetic language. I truly recommend this show to anyone, a lovely addition to this years festival.”- Theatre Scotland ★★★★

Running time: 60mins

Audience recommendations: Strong language and sexual themes


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07/06 2024 7:00pm
The Bread and Roses 68 Clapham Manor Street LONDON
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