Kinetika Bloco Summer Showcase


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Youth, Kids
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23/08 2024 7:00pm
Royal Festival Hall Belvedere Road LONDON
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For this annual showcase – the culmination of a ten day summer school – Kinetika Bloco draws on the vibrant music and culture of Cape Town and its surrounding areas to create a lekker celebration of music, dance and costume. Bringing together the passion and talent of 150 young people, the performance is inspired by the healing power of music and the concept of Ubuntu – that I am because we are. Enjoy a fun, joyful, healing, educational experience with the group as they celebrate the life of their founder Mat Fox, and the ethos of the group – the spirit of family and being the sum of their parts. Kinetika Bloco’s mission is to engage young people from South London in long-term creative activity via music and dance, advancing their education, skills, and capacity for learning and leadership.