Keith James - Solid Air

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The Music of Nick Drake and John Martyn

May you never River Man Solid Air Northern Sky Bless the weather Fruit Tree

The early 70s were possibly the richest and profoundly beautiful time for acoustic music and the art of the Singer-Songwriter.

Here are the two unique, haunting and imaginative musicians that truly touched our souls. This concert is not only a devotional representation but a hands on performance of emotional connection.

A natural, effortless musician, Keith brings you this immaculately crafted concert alternating between five differently tuned guitars to bring you an evening of these timeless, cherished songs; words that shed all the tears of time within their fragile lines.

Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear The Independent

A fresh and powerful approach to these wonderful songs Patrick Humphries Nick Drake biographer

An absolute must Mark Radcliffe - BBC Radio


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