Karen Jonas: Virginia's Finest Americana


Americana/Alt-Country songwriter Karen Jonas is a powerhouse creator and storyteller with a voice to match. Ambitious, smart, and magnetically retro, her 2024 album The Rise and Fall of American Kitsch (9 Aug) will charm you with quirky storytelling, stellar performances, and an adventurous Americana soundscape.

Based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, Jonas will be joined by longtime guitarist Tim Bray and bassist Seth Morrissey for their third visit to the UK.

"her skill in weaving words and phrases into her lyrics is one that few others can match (Country Music People, U.K.).

"insightful, honest, tenacious and vulnerable (No Depression).

"warmly nostalgic and old-fashioned" (American Songwriter).

"Karen Jonas has experienced enough bitter disappointments to be able to sing reliably about fate's blows, broken dreams, and recurring demons. (Rolling Stone Germany).


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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02/10 2024 7:30pm
The Kitchen Garden 17 York Road Kings Heath BIRMINGHAM
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