Jupiter's Ghost


In humanity’s future, the connection between humans and artificial intelligence has gradually blurred into the realm of cybernetic organisms. Do any ghosts of humanity still remain?

A scientist with a single-minded obsession will do anything to save his son Jove, a feat he can only achieve by recreating humanity as it once was. Dr. Elias Crete is fighting a losing battle against time to save that which is most dear to him.

Jupiter's Ghost is the debut of a new tragedy, with some uplifting elements, drawing on themes such as conservation, political morality and space exploration. The costumes have been dyed by artist/lecturer Nabil Ali, using 14th and 16th century dye recipes.

When you look up at the stars tonight, look to the west-south-west, 39 degrees above the horizon. There lies Jupiter, Earth’s stalwart defender against the fury of the asteroid belt. Come and immerse yourself in this tumultuous journey, of love, hope and identity.


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22/06 2024 7:30pm
The Cockpit Gateforth Street LONDON
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