Joe Pasquale The New Normal 40 Years Of Cack Continued


Joe Pasquale has been showing off on stage for most of his life and now, after four decades of nonsense, hes dragging out his favourite things for another airing to prove that nothing has ever been really normal. So, if, like me, you have ever asked questions like: can a vegetarian get a job as a Beefeater? If beauty is relative, why are all my relatives ugly? If an Eskimo has a house-warming party, will his igloo melt? Why is it that dead people get to ride in such posh cars? If a nudist spilt beetroot soup in his lap, would he have a stain on his character? And why dont chicken breasts have nipples? Then this is the show for you! 2024 show includes Q&A


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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30/08 2024 7:30pm
Fairfield Halls Park Lane CROYDON
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