Jimbino Vegan & The Jazz Cannibals at Jamboree


Celebrating the launch of their new funky LP 'BED', The Jazz Cannibals are a storming New Orleans band mixing traditional jazz and original songs. Jimbino Vegan is a jazz musician who has learnt his art performing in a circus for 5 years and working in New Orleans for the same period of time. He is an energetic and animated performer and his songs defy classification, ranging from folk, swing to funk, rap and blues, with lyrics about subjects as varied as spaghetti, the overground, death and the seaside. What they all have in common is that they are uplifting and full of fun surprises and humour, even in the sad songs. Jimbino is also known to break out into impromptu breakdancing between sets. He is joined by the brilliant Tim Fairhall on bass, Pete "the Fizz" Warner on drums and Prophet Piers Tamplin laying down some old testament tenor saxophone.


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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04/08 2024 8:00pm
Jamboree 27 Three Colt St Limehouse
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