Jim Davidson -- Unlocked 2022 Tour

More stand-up from the controversial comic and inexplicable winner of 2014's CBB.


After months of Lockdown, and with the comedy pressure valve set to explode, the people’s favourite is back with a brand-new show for 2022 and with three dates to see him at the venue on Saturday 16th April & on Friday's 22nd July & 9th September.

He is more outrageous than ever.

Jim Davidson OBE, one of Britain’s greatest ever comedians is unlocked and asks you to breakout too and join him on another hilarious white-knuckle get-away, coming to a theatre near you!

'Boy does Jim know how to deliver his gospel..... 'The audience could have stayed all night.......... he speaks with a rare honesty' 5 stars Express


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Target groups
Elderly, Youth, Adult
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01/12 2022 8:00pm
Spa Pavilion Theatre Undercliff Road West FELIXSTOWE
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