Jaram Lee: The Old Man and The Sea

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Jaram Lee has captivated audiences by writing and composing herself, releasing the only modern pansoris, Sacheon-ga and Ukchuk-ga, based on work by German dramatist Bertolt Brecht, which went on to perform to sell-out shows across the world. Jaram Lee studied under legendary pansori masters Hee-jin Eun, Jeong-suk Oh and Soon Sub Song, who recognised her talent at an early age. Lee also showed her potential as a creator and performer with Stranger’s Song, a pansori work based on the short story by Gabriel García Márquez, and The Old Man and The Sea. She won the best actress award at the Korean Musical Awards for Seopyeonje, is also lead vocal for Amado Lee Jaram Band, a radio DJ presenter, gayageum player, guitarist, composer, writer and music director.


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