Janey Godley: Why is She Still Here?


Against all odds and filled with heaps of chemo Janey Godley returns this autumn.

Controversy, cancellation, and cancer don’t always make the best comedy but in Janey’s hands this will be a dynamite of a gig.

The funny Scottish woman behind the voiceovers of Nicola Sturgeon during covid, is back on tour celebrating winning ‘The Billy Connolly, Spirit of Glasgow Comedy Award’.

Her feet are numb, and she has a lumpy hernia because of the cancer treatment, but she keeps going!

“I can’t believe I’m still alive” she says as many horrid trolls on twitter claim she’s faking cancer. “If I was going to fake something it would have been the orgasms I keep having when I realise, they’re obsessed with me!”

Voiceovers, comedy, and outrageous stories are on the menu. Don’t miss it. Book now!


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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21/11 2024 7:00pm
Leicester Square Theatre 6 Leicester Place LONDON
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