James Oliver Band


Award winning 'The James Oliver Band' are from the Tropic of South Wales, Strongly champion the Telecaster as one of the best creations of mankind and are arguably the hardest working band in the UK today. Three piece rhythm magic, for REAL rock'n'roll & pickin' country rock lovers. A trip up to Scotland is rare, however, so please don't miss them!

A Double Bill with Edinburgh's original roots rockers, Broken Windows, a feisty band of blues and folk rock. The evening, and this band are fronted by Liz Jones, well travelled singer-songwriter, with remarkable energy for putting together independent shows and unique collaborations. Fans of Blues'n'Trouble and The Allmans' Project will recognise some members.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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07/06 2024 7:30pm
Blue Lamp 121 Gallowgate ABERDEEN
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