Jackals Dublin Castle Residency

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Jackals - high energy supercharged pop-neo soul concoction with a funky, frantic feel that makes for dancing feet and a smiling fizzog for sure . Loads of great songs, really tight and accomplished playing for one's so young, and a general feeling of bonhomie and cool times. This band could be humdingingly humongous...which is why we have them on a Dublin Castle residency. Come and see them in intimate surroundings while you still can throughout Spring and Summer 2023!

Kosta D and the Fortune Tellers - Psychedelic folk pop with a hazy U.S West Coast feel, Country Joe and the Fish maybe but lyrically more of a Ray Davies thing going on, quite nice, and again utterly bankable pop pickers!

The Gas- Slinky funky old school Baggy beats and some nice geezerly character plots in the songs a la Squeeze or Madness but sonically more Blur meets The Farm. These mature guys may well have been doing this 30 years ago when Baggy Britpop Bonanza!... Sun Pinned Leaves - now with four absolutely talent packed albums under their belts, the former Nuffin duo ply a very different trade with SPL. Country Rock, sophisticated pop, gentle social comment based balladeering, satirical hot rockers, heartfelt, anthemic stompers. All life is here. No wonder they keep winning awards for their songs!


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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