Jack and the Beanstalk


JACK AND THE BEANSTALK Jack and his mother are very poor. Apart from the cottage they live in, all they own is a cow. One day, Jack’s mum tells him that he has to sell the cow because they have run out of money. She reminds Jack that it is important for him to get a fair amount of money in exchange for the cow. However, on the way to the market, Jack bumps into an old man. The old man says that he will give Jack some ‘magic beans’ in exchange for the cow. Jack thinks that this sounds like a good deal, so he takes the beans and gives the man the cow. As you can imagine, his mum wasn’t very happy. She threw the beans out of the window and goes to bed in a huff. But these are magic beans. Overnight, a huge beanstalk grows in their garden. When Jack wakes up, he decides to climb the beanstalk.

What will happen when he reaches the top? Better come along an find out.


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14/12 2024 7:30pm
Chertsey Hall Heriot Road CHERTSEY
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