Ivan Ave & Mndsgn

MC Ivan Ave and producer Mndsgn.


Winter 2016 sees Ivan Ave (Mutual Intentions) and Mndsgn (Stones Throw) on European tour together, to celebrate the album Helping Hands. Plata is Ivan Aves solo debut LP, and is produced by Mndsgn. It was published by the Berlin-label Jakarta Records on February 12. You can expect soaring beats and heartfelt tunes from two of indie hip hop's most exciting artists.

Ivan Ave has released English-language rap music among others with Fredfades since 2014 the foreign record labels King Underground (UK) and Jakarta Records (Germany). Has garnered much praise at home and abroad for personal lyrics over melodious and jazz-themed productions. Ivan has played at festivals such as The Island (2014) and Slottsfjell (2015), as well as bigger and smaller clubs in Oslo, Berlin, New York and Paris.

Mndsgn Manufacturer is a multi-instrumentalist and artist on the label Stones Throw in Los Angeles. Has released music here and via various labels since 2013. Known as a standard-bearer for 'beat scene' in LA, the same musical environment that fostered Flying Lotus, Thundercat and Knxwledge.


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13/04 2023 7:00pm
The Jazz Cafe 5 Parkway LONDON
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