Interplanetary Criminal, Chunky, Chum Chon & More / Dankashire

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Back at the lion again to bring you a big night of underground music all hosted by Chunky! The Badman from the Levelz family kills it both on the mic and on the decks with big tracks out like Vibesman and GNG. Chunkys not one to be missed in the mic and in our opinion one of the best hosts about! Headlining the night is Interplanetary Criminal! Man needs no introduction as he is absolutely killing the scene at the moment. His track with Eliza Rose B.O.T.A even hitting No.1 in the uk charts which is huge for underground music! Being a multi genre Badman you know he’s going to shell it! We’ve got man like Kev Original (Dub Smugglers / Chum Chon Hifi) a sound system veteran coming to bless the system with some heavyweight selections. Also joining us is Sativa who’s going to be shelling down a vinyl only sub heavy 140 set which isn’t one to be missed. On top of that is the dankashire residents by the likes of Ed, Edd & Eddy ( Juttley, 99% & Said Spliff) If you’ve caught any of their sets in the past then you know what to expect! Big bad double drops of straight 140 power bound to get the crowd moving! Also on the night is KBee doing her first ever set for us and it being her debut on the scene. She will be coming with the shelliest dubstep you can think of showing the lads how it’s done! Finally GTTURBO another Dankashire resident who’s probably had more dj names than you can count on both hands ;) who will be rolling through with them dark garage - jungle vibes!


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