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INTARSIA is an emerging duo of performers from diverse backgrounds. Jo May and Sarah Matthews have worked together since 2018, combining voice, violin, viola, octave fiddle, tenor guitar, balafon and a whole range of other percussion instruments. The sounds of these wooden instruments blend to create intricate delivery of original and traditional material inspired by English songs, European dance tunes, West African rhythms and more. Intarsia's debut album Sistere was released in October 2020.

Bright and breezy, optimistic sounds from Derbyshire duo, Sarah Matthews and Jo May: viola, violin and vocals from Sarah, plus Jo's cornucopia of percussion. Paul Mansfield Living Tradition Magazine March 2021

BENAMMI SWIFT is a young melodeon player hailing from Derbyshire. Having been part of the first EFDSS National Youth Folk Ensemble and first cohort of the LCoM Folk degree, Benammi is an innovative player that specialises in English music but often branches out to Irish, Continental and even other genres of music.


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