IMAGO is a must-see work of contemporary dance. Captivating to watch, this duet exposes the intricate and often hidden dysfunctions in relationships within a coded nod to the Language of Flowers. It is a deeply moving and insightful exploration of the human condition that will leave a pondering on its themes long after the performance has ended. Its triad of a compelling narrative, stirring original score by Sean Pett, and electrifying dance performance make IMAGO a gripping experience for audiences within and beyond the dance field. The IMAGO performance will be preceded by a short performance of a new dance piece featuring aspiring local young dancers, developed in a workshop with James Pett and Travis Clausen-Knight. Choreographed and performed by Travis Clausen-Knight and James Pett.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult, Kids
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10/08 2024 7:30pm
Eden Court Theatre and Cinema Bishop's Road INVERNESS
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