Iamddb: Love Is War World Tour


IAMDDB will play Heaven on Friday 20th September. Anglo-Mancunian musician IAMDDB is the original architect of Urban Jazz a multi-dimensional musician, actress, and creative polymath inspired by the rhythmic incantations of jazz, the pulsating beats of hip-hop & trap, and the soul-stirring vibrations of R&B. The release of DDBs debut single Leaned Out in 2016 marked a hazy-harmonized introduction to her versatile and ever-growing music repertoire. From collaborations with Masego & Diplo to touring with legends Lauryn Hill, Bryson Tiller & Jhene Aiko, the northern songstress made herself known for an undeniable stage presence, showcasing her varied sounds and moods from heartbreak hitters to soul-wrenching jazzy chillers. Getting signed at the age of 21, going viral with the smash-hit video & single Shade in 2017, and performing a legendary Colors show with Pause (taken from Vibe: Vol2), DDB boasts over 123 million YouTube views, taking her fans through a constantly growing visual journey soundtracked by her soul. Forever rediscovering her essence, Diana De Brito has independently released 5 EPs and a string of successful singles, delving into a spectrum of global influences, including reggae, jazz, neo-soul, trap, soulful house, and beyond. Ever-evolving and sound-surfing, IAMDDB hypnotizes you into her universe; whichever sound or mood, DDB is riding the wave.


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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20/09 2024 6:30pm
The Covent Garden Comedy Club @ Heaven Under The Arches Villiers Street LONDON
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