Hope is a 4 Letter Word

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This is a unique production from an incredible award-winning creative team, two monologues intertwined investigating similar themes from opposite entities.

“I lost my way. Twelve years underground, isolation, different names, a lost self. I had arrived at a deeply wrong way of responding to social problems. Prison lies at the end of a road taken. ... now more than twenty years in prison, I share with other women daily issues of parenting, education, and health. I have turned sixty. I think about how do we protect our planet?” Words from Kathy Boudin a convicted terrorist who was a founding member of the US militant Weather Underground organization, which engaged in bombings of government buildings to express opposition to U.S. foreign policy and racism. The first piece builds on these words performed by Christina Berriman Dawson.

The second takes place following being victim of two serious crimes and given no support our character ends in psych-ICU-prison and hears these words from Kathy Boudin. An unbelievable, and true tale full of ridiculous and cruel stupidities. Starting in a psych-ICU-prison and ending in a river with the water cooling and drowning the insane narrative; liberating our character as a kingfisher flies past.


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