In their own words: “Hi we are Honeyglaze, and there’s no time to explain." Honeyglaze are South London based, haiku-loving trio comprised of vocalist and guitarist Anouska Sokolow, bassist Tim Curtis, and Yuri Shibuichi on drums. Born out of lead songwriter Sokolow’s un-desire to be a solo-act, the group met officially at their first ever rehearsal- just three days ahead of what was to become a near-residency, at their favoured ‘The Windmill’, Brixton. Forming a mere five-months ahead of a subsequent five-months of mandatory solitude, a parallel that’s both aligned and universally un-timely, Honeyglaze, at first appearance, are a group who play with chance, time, and synergetic fate, in a manner few others are able to do. Pricking the ears of seminal producer Dan Carey and his team of merry taste-makers: Speedy Wunderground (Tiña, Squid, Black Country New Road), initial brainstorms saw the Speedy Wunderground / Honeyglaze partnership manifest into a dynamic that, quite simply, just worked despite having never met before. The resulting body of work that was spawned of this instant chemistry is an album that tackles themes varying from jealousy to inadequacy, cushion-y companionships to the smell of coffee on clothes, as with all good reflections of self, Honeyglaze is a fly on the wall opportunity to get to know three familial strangers in your own way- whilst they too suss out themselves, and the ever-growing circle around them, in the span of 35 minutes.


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Youth, Elderly, Adult
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29/11 2024 7:30pm
Exchange 72-73 Old Market Street BRISTOL
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