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“Ambitious, Anthemic and Electrifying” - Gigslutz

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Holy Youth Movement (H.Y.M) are a 5-piece band hailing from Bristol, consisting of Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards & Vocals. Their sound is a heavy mix of Rock n Roll and Electronica. Their love of Rock n Roll and bands like Primal Scream, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Stooges as well as being huge fans of Dance Music and artists like The Chemical Brothers & Underworld has led them to create the sound for Holy Youth Movement. Their debut single "You thought I was dead, but baby I'm just getting started" is a sonic onslaught of rock 'n' roll with dance music. Produced by Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream/Sabres of Paradise/Andrew Weatherall ) it is a perfect amalgamation of Electronic Rock n Roll.

Expect a relentless high energy live show combining dance floor rhythms with rock n roll topped off with soaring anthemic vocals. Not to be missed!!


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Adult, Youth, Elderly
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04/02 2023 7:30pm
Cafe INDIEpendent 169--173 High Street SCUNTHORPE
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