Holding Space by Anna Bunting-Branch: Exhibition Launch Event

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Come and join us on Saturday 29th June to celebrate the launch of our latest exhibition Holding Space by Anna Bunting-Branch.

Holding Space is an exhibition by Anna Bunting-Branch, commissioned by ‘a space’ arts. Holding Space explores the role of reproductive refusal in climate activism and considers how environmental factors affect decisions about bringing children into the world. The exhibition is informed by the artist’s ongoing research into childlessness and different ways of conceiving the future in the face of climate emergency.

The works on display in Holding Space explore the potential for what the artist calls “fertile counter narratives” of childlessness. The use of the term “childless” rather than the more positively-glossed “childfree” expresses a commitment to thinking through the negative and embracing difficult feelings. This is an exhibition shaped by self-reflection, which invites us to consider our own conceptions of reproduction and futurity.

Holding Space will be on display at God’s House Tower Friday 28th June – Sunday 18th August 2024 with associated events running for the length of the exhibition.