Hobo Johnson

Rap from the Sacramento-based artist, also known as Frank Lopes.


Hobo Johnson plays a unique and entrancing mix of spoken-word, hip-hop and emo-rock. The new album titled 'The Fall of Hobo Johnson' follows on from his self-released 2017 album 'The Rise Of Hobo Johnson' and his critically acclaimed Tiny Desk set. Fans of The Front Bottoms, twentyonepilots, Billie Eilish and Superorganism should check this out.

"Hailing from Sacramento, CA, artist Frank Lopes, who cultivated the moniker Hobo Johnson after being kicked out of his parents' house and left to live in his '94 Corolla, is propelling his way to the top. The half Azorean Portuguese, quarter Mexican and Native American vocalist built a grassroots following via viral homegrown style videos showcasing his singularity; an amalgamation of spoken word poetry, punk, folk and rap backed by his band The Lovemakers. Bursting with unadulterated sincerity, his genre-defying sound feels akin to musical anomalies of the past and future."


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Elderly, Adult, Youth
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17/07 2022 7:00pm
SWG3 Studio Warehouse 100 Eastvale Place GLASGOW
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