History Tour & Gin Tasting at The Real Mary King's Close


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Get ready for a “gin-credible” July at The Real Mary King’s Close! This tour and tasting experience delves into over 400 years of history in Edinburgh.

Gin is very much a Dutch invention, originally formulated as a medicine… yet lesser known is its secret and illegal history of sale and production in Scotland. Therefore, our Standard 1-Hour Tour of The Real Mary King’s Close is getting “infused” with fascinating insights this July. As a result, guests can discover how spirits such as gin’s early form, jenever, were produced, smuggled and consumed in Edinburgh over time.

Start first with the origins of “uisge beatha” in the 15th century, before taking a journey through the cultural and social landscape of Auld Reekie. Then, learn about the notorious “dawn drinkers”. Or, uncover the identity of the enigmatic “Merchant Prince”. Also, seek to unravel the intriguing reason why 98% of gin distilleries in the city operated without a license for two centuries. All in all, discover a new side of Edinburgh, filled with thrilling controversies and stories that are bound to prove more bracing than any palate cleanser.

Let the tour be-gin!