Graham O’Sullivan (baroque flute/recorder) Kristen Deeken (baroque violin) Susanna Pell (viola da gamba) Mie Hayashi (harpsichord)

Programme BACH Trio Sonata in G major TELEMANN Fantasia No.8 in G minor (solo recorder) HANDEL Sonata in G minor TELEMANN Fantasia No.2 in G major (solo violin) TELEMANN "Paris Quartet” No.1 in G major HANDEL Trio Sonata in B minor Op. 2 no.1 BACH Toccata in D major (solo harpsichord) TELEMANN “Paris Quartet” No.12 in E minor

It's often said that, following the right and proper Bach revival, the prolific Telemann became regarded as somewhat second best to his friend. Suffice to say that both Bach and Handel studied closely and had enormous respect for their elder. How fortunate we are to be able to enjoy the creative fruits of all three of these giants of the Baroque musical era.


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Elderly, Youth, Adult
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09/02 2025 3:00pm
Stokesley Methodist Church High Street MIDDLESBROUGH
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