Heartless Bastards

Garage rock band from Cincinnati, but now based in Austin, Texas, who are often compared to fellow Ohioans The Black Keys.


On the new album A Beautiful Life, Heartless Bastards share a wide-eyed and radiant vision for harmonizing a broken world. The Ohio-bred and Texas-transplanted band's first new music since 2015's Restless Ones, A Beautiful Life affirms frontwoman Erika Wennerstrom as a songwriter with the power to profoundly influence our state of mind, often by alchemizing her idealism into viscerally potent rock-and-roll songs. With its delicate coalescence of so many eclectic touchstones French pop and Celtic folk, space rock and symphonic pop, Disney scores and post-punkthe result is an album that immediately lures the listener into a more receptive mindset, one that leads to deeper generosity, greater compassion, and a restored sense of possibility.


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Target groups
Adult, Youth, Elderly
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03/12 2022 7:30pm
District 61 Jordan Street LIVERPOOL
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