Hang Massive

British-Swedish ambient music duo.


Welcome to The Sound of Light and Colour

The Sound of Light and Colour_ is the new, more upbeat wave of HANG MASSIVE, a live show and upcoming album that bring together rich electro soundscapes, flowing techno beats and well-loved hand pan classics in a fresh new form.

A title inspired by the teachings of Ziji Rinpoche, The Sound of Light and Colour is the primordial vibration of the basic space of everything, seen and unseen. Resting as primordial sound, we flow from goodness to goodness.

Touring through Europe, performing 33 shows in 12 countries, The Sound of Light and Colour is a collaboration of international creatives from UK, Sweden, US, Russia, India, Mexico and Australia, coming together to bring this next evolution of Hang Massive’s music and heart-opening vibe to the world.

This event is a fundraiser for Exeter’s sound alternative community radio station Phonic FM.


Enjoy code: 519779
Target groups
Adult, Elderly, Youth
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11/05 2023 7:30pm
The 1865 Brunswick Square SOUTHAMPTON
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