by Moira Buffini

Handbags, hairspray and sensible shoes.

The monarch - Liz.

Her most powerful subject - Maggie.

One believed there was no such thing as society. The other had vowed to serve it.

Over the course of a decade, two of Britain’s most iconic women meet regularly. In private. Sharing their views on what it means to be British and navigating their opposing opinions, do their smiles tell a true story? What actually happened behind those closed doors?

In this comedy, premiered in 2013, Moira Buffini imagines their relationship, and looks at what might have happened when two of the most powerful characters of our time came face-to-face.

Sharply funny, packed with satirical humour and highly entertaining, Handbagged will make you question what you think you know about the people who lead us. It also features other leading figures of the time, includingRonald and Nancy Reagan, Geoffrey Howe and Denis Thatcher.

'A satire full of mischief and gossip' The Times

'A clever, funny and charming political comedy' Guardian

'A smart, sharp play with a witty script that packs in equal amounts of information, speculation and wry commentary about gender roles... delightful' Evening Standard

'Playful and fiercely funny, whilst deftly tackling serious issues... incredibly witty and poignant' Broadway World

Tickets on sale 12 February (members only) and 26 February (non-members and online).


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04/06 2024 8:00pm
Miller Centre Theatre And Club Godstone Road CATERHAM
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